Earth’s Unlimited Energy Will Power Our World

Deepeex is leading next generation geothermal energy production by converting radiogenic heat to electricity beneath the earth’s surface

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The fast transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels is critically important from economic, political and climate perspectives. We need more sources of low carbon, cost competitive energy to complement conventional renewable technology.

The next generation of geothermal is the electrification of radiogenic heat deep underground

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The Earth produces radiogenic heat from the decay of naturally occurring radioactive elements, and represents about 50% of the Earth’s heat budget. Radiogenic heat is available anywhere in the Earth’s crust and is distinct from primordial heat. Primordial heat comes from the Earth’s original formation, and has been used as an energy source in select volcanic regions. Although primordial heat is commonly referred to as geothermal energy, radiogenic heat is the next generation of geothermal energy and is a more accessible, safe, and abundant energy source.

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Conventional geothermal technology requires bringing the heat found in the Earth’s crust to the surface. Often this requires fracking, significant water and land use, and may cause substantial greenhouse gas emissions and earthquakes.

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Deepeex has developed sustainable modular production power plants that harvest radiogenic energy. Our technology converts thermal energy into electricity underground, eliminating turbines and the need for heat transfer to the surface, fracking or working fluids.

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Deepeex power plants can be safely installed anywhere in the world where electrical energy is needed, eliminating long transmission lines.

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Deepeex power plants can be safely installed anywhere in the world where electrical energy is needed, eliminating long transmission lines.

DEEPEEX power plants are entirely sustainable

Deepeex radiogenic power plants are entirely sustainable, creating zero carbon footprint and zero burning of fossil fuels.

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Decentralized power grids will slow climate change, create energy independence, and help unify the world as it seeks to supply sustainable baseload energy for generations to come.

About Us

Energy Security for All
At Deepeex, we believe that access to energy is a fundamental human right. Our team of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers, led by CEO Ruslan Asfandiyarov, is tackling energy inequity head-on. Founded in 2020, Deepeex unites cutting-edge research and advanced technology to pave the way for a future free from energy disparities.

Our team is committed to safeguarding the world for future generations. As scientists and global citizens, we understand the urgency to avert environmental collapse caused by the challenges associated with fossil fuel dependency. The finite nature of fossil fuels, coupled with their contribution to geopolitical instabilities and inequalities compels us to shift towards a sustainable and renewable energy source.

We are determined to overcome the world’s most pressing environmental and socioeconomic challenges, and are revolutionizing the energy landscape to ensure a secure and equitable future for all. Join us on this journey to redefine what’s possible for our planet and its inhabitants.


Radiogenic heat is the future of thermal electricity production. Safe. Sustainable. Scalable. Efficient.


Power the world with your investment.

Join us in developing groundbreaking technology and lead the next generation of geothermal energy.

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Investment in the electricity production offers high and steady returns:

Global Power Generation Market
Energy transition investment surged past $1 trilion in 2022
Investment must triple for the rest of the 2020s to get on track for net zero

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    Deepeex is establishing partnerships with leading government institutions and agencies, in addition to public and private companies. Contact us to learn more, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


    Deepeex is the first of next generation geothermal companies to safely and sustainably generate electricity from radiogenic heat, an unlimited source of energy hidden within the Earth’s crust. Our closed-loop system can be installed anywhere, from remote rural communities to high density urban centers.

    Patented processes developed by Deepeex do not deplete geothermal resources or cause geological instability. Deepeex’s direct underground heat to electricity conversion eliminates unnecessary drilling and the need for above ground turbines or generators.

    Through accelerated technology, Deepeex has harnessed the most advanced digital twin model to optimize clean energy extraction. Soon, small power plants will be quick to construct, easy to maintain, durable, and ensure that energy independence is made possible for every nation and every home on the planet.

    Use Cases

    Powering network of EV Charging Stations & decentralized grids

    Repurposing exhausted oil & gas wells into electricity generating wells

    Powering off-grid facilities in remote areas or critical infrastructure


    Our pilot projects will take place in Switzerland and the Gulf region, where existing deep wells are available to access radiogenic heat. Stay tuned for updates and announcements.


    Ruslan Asfandirayov

    Founder & CEO


    Deepeex is working with a leading marketing agency to plan and implement coordinated communications initiatives. For information and media inquiries, please contact us.

    Go to market strategy

    By leveraging a digital twin feedback loop we enable a new level of intelligence when working with real geological and economic conditions. We are able to achieve optimal solutions while working in these changing factors. In short, we leverage deep technical models to make sure we operate and innovate in the most cost and time efficient manner.